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What is a Hog Roast Machine?

A hog roast machine has a long history as a means of preparing a large quantity of meat in a single session. Traditionally, the spit would be turned by hand, usually by a young boy. While the modern hog roast machine is more advanced than this, using an electric motor to turn the meat, the basic principle of slowly turning the meat as it cooks over a fire has remained the integral means of the hog roasting process.

It is impossible to say exactly when hog roasting was first introduced, or indeed where. It was especially popular during medieval times as well as early modern times. The technique enabled kitchens to prepare a large banquet meal for many people. During these early days, a young member of the kitchen was used to slowly turn to the spit roast handle at an even pace to ensure that the meat cooked thoroughly throughout.

Eventually, different techniques were introduced to help turn the meat and this saw steam and even animal treadmill powered motors used. The modern hog roast machine relies on an electrical motor but for the same purpose as earlier techniques. As the meat is turned, regardless of the technique used to do this, it does ensure that the meat is evenly cooked throughout. It also allows for the meat to cook in its own juices.

The hog roast machine is often also referred to as a rotisserie; a French word that first appeared in the mid 15th Century. The term referred to the cooking of various meats, including hog but also lamb and variety of other dishes, by turning the meat while it cooked. The rotisseur is the cook that is in charge of preparing food in this manner.

With a modern hog roast machine, residents and diners can expect a more sophisticated fashion of cooking their meat than the use of a spit boy. The typical hog roast machine will utilize an electric motor and will typically use gas to fuel the flames that cook the meat. It is often usually possible to rack up the meat, hit the button, and leave the hog to cook to perfection.